Top Upcycled Pallet Projects

One of the top upcycled project trends going on lately involves wood pallets. They are very versatile with what you can do with them, so they can work for indoor and outdoor projects.  Many times you can get them for free which makes them even more appealing. Here are my favorite wood pallet projects I found on the internet…

Upcycled PalletsUpcycled Pallet Projects

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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DIY Rolling Compost Bin

Rolling ComposterWe’ve been composting for years however we were using the throw it all in a pile in the garden method. Which after recently reading and researching I found out your compost will actually decompose faster if it is mixed around.{rather then just sitting still in a big pile} Plus apparently it lets off less gases into the air since it can “breath” rather then getting built up and trapped inside the big pile. So after my heavily Google researching I decided that we should buy a rolling composter. That idea was quickly shot down when I realized that a rolling composter was going to be $100+!! Therefore I decided that I would just make my own and that I did!


  • Bucket with lid that screws on {so it wont fall off}
  • Dirt
  • Worms
  • Drill
  • Table scraps {Veggies, Fruit, etc. compost safe items}
  • Water
Compost bucketFirst drill holes evenly around your bucket, I used a 3/16 drill bit. {including the bottom & lid}
Compost dirtNext add a layer of dirt to your bucket so it fills it up about a fourth of the way.  READ MORE >>>
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Living Room & Breakfast Nook Inspiration With World Market

Who doesn’t love World Market? I mean come on they have fabulous home decor and amazing yummy worldly foods all in one spot. While we are still house hunting I thought I’d do a little dream inspirational makeover to my parents living room & breakfast nook area. Most people walk into their house and say it looks like Pinterest, however these two rooms lack a bit.

So with the help of my mom we went over the room seeing what she liked about it and what she didn’t. There seemed to be more things she didn’t like then did. {haha} Most importantly she wanted to add some warmth and style to the room, right now it lacks color and a grown up feel.

The breakfast nook is just plain, the table is from World Market {4+ years ago} and still works great but she wants something more updated and again it also needs color. After looking around World Markets website we found the Venetian Bazaar Collection really fit the style and feel she was going for. It had warm colors that would make the room inviting to relax and enjoy grown up conversation. However still fun and comfortable for kids to enjoy the space too.

Here’s what we picked out for the living room….

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

And here are a few starter items for the breakfast nook we liked…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Now for the best news… World Market is having an amazing sweepstakes that could {possibly} make all the above day dreaming come true. Introducing the…

HGTV Passport to Style Sweepstakes

  • Grand Prize package includes: A $10,000 World Market shopping spree and design consultation with an HGTV Designer
  • There will also be 3 runner up prize winners that will each receive a $1,000 World Market gift card!
  • The HGTV Sweepstakes runs from September 22, 2012 until October 26, 2012.
  • If you share the sweepstakes with 5 of your friends (via FB share or email) you can receive 5 additional bonus entries. This is part of the registration process when entering. Users can also enter daily for more chances to win.
  • Enter online at or

In case you don’t win, not to worry, you can still gain rewards to use in-store with World Market Explorer Program.  With this program members earn exclusive perks, like coupons, offers, previews, and beyond.  If you spend $100 on Gourmet Foods and Non-alcoholic beverages, you will receive a $10 reward that you can use to purchasing almost anything in store or online. {sounds awesome right?!} You can also earn FREE COFFEE Rewards! {Buy 6 12oz. bags and your 7th one is free!}

Want to learn more about this awesome program and special sweepstakes? Be sure to check them out on the following sites…  twitter , facebook , pinterest , google+ , instagram

Disclosure: This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™, but all my opinions are my own 
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Upcycled Ikea Kids Easel

Earlier this year while redecorating Miss.A’s new tween bedroom we upcycled some of her old decor to match her new. End result… saving money. {yay} One of the items that we decided needed an upgrade was her Ikea easel, it was looking rather worn down however she insisted she wanted to keep it in the new room. So we gave it a fresh new life with a little spray paint & contact paper. Since we had extra supplies we dug out Mr.N’s old easel to make over the my mom’s classroom too.


  • Easel {ours was from ikea around $19}
  • Spray Paint
  • Contact Paper
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Old Newspaper & Tape
  • E-6000 Glue
First I used old newspaper & tape to cover up everything I didn’t want to paint. Then took the easel outside to spray down with two coats of Rustoleum satin spray paint.
After it was dry I brought it back inside to cover the tray with contact paper that matched perfectly. {I used a X-Acto knife to trim up the sides and to keep the contact paper down I added a little E-6000 glue to the corners to help it stick through lots of playing.}

Since we already had the easels {that were headed to a garage sale} the project only cost under $10 to makeover two easels {one for Miss.A and another for my mom’s classroom}. Which I say is a great deal for two totally cute custom easels!

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DIY Map Picture Frame

We are big time traveling and road triping people, even if its just a day trip. We have tons of pictures just only one issue… they are all in the computer and not on print. So I decided to go into my “future craft supplies” box to dig out some picture frames I found 75% off last year on Clearance and get some printed. Since the frames are brown and everything else in the office is black I decided to cover them with a old map I had in my car {hope I don’t get lost now without my phone haha} so they would “go” with the decor.


  • Frame
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Map

First I cut out rectangles and squares out of the map in all different sizes

Next using Mod Podge I adhered the map pieces to the frame in a collage style until it was completely covered. Once dry I added another coat over top then trimmed off any extra pieces hanging around on the back.

Simple right? Although it took a little time to do it was overall super simple and now ready to display all our travels. Another perk was it was totally free to me since I had all the supplies on hand and a great upcycled project!

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DIY Chalkboard Sign

When redecorating a great little tip is to try and reuse {Upcycle} what you already have on hand. Another great tip is when you find items on clearance use your creative eye to see if you can use its “bones” for a new project. With both of those tips in mind after Christmas at Target I was able to pick up a few {4+} Christmas signs at 70% off. They ended up being under $1 each and I loved the shape. Which to be honest is something I would have no idea how to cut out of wood. {me & power saws are not friends} So with these signs just sitting in my future project pile I finally decided while redecorating our laundry room to make one into a chalkboard sign. Here’s what you will need…

  • Wooden Sign
  • Ribbon
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Brush
  • Glue Gun
  • Elmer’s Double Sided Tape Permanent {optional}

First I cut off the old red ribbon and started to paint the sign with chalkboard paint, as directed per the paint bottle. {mine recommended that you paint horizontal wait an hour then paint vertical then let dry for 24 hours.}

Next I ran new green ribbon through the holes and attached it using Elmer’s Double Sided Tape Permanent {you could always tie it instead}

After the ribbon was attached I made a simple bow to add a little extra something to my new sign.

The whole project {including the sign} cost under $6 and it was a great way to upcycle something old into something new.

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New Office/Craft Room {Part 1}

Last week we made a big move across the country from Phoenix, AZ to central Ohio. It was such a fun road trip, it took us a little longer due to stops along Route 66 & old I-40 but we made it! I will share some pictures once I get my new office/craft room all set up. Yes that’s right with this move I am gaining my very own office space so no more corner office and crafts on the dining room table. {So excited} Once we got unpacked we headed to Walmart to pick up some items we needed to make it through a couple days hangers, bagels and a pencil sharpener to sketch out plans for our new home. I decided to pick up a X-ACTO Spira sharpener due to A. I already own lots of great X-ACTO brand products and B. I found this great coupon online. {you can see my whole shopping trip adventure over on my Google +}

Walmart Shopping TripWhen we got home I set up my new sharpener, which was super easy. {Just take it out of the box and connect the cord to the back of sharpener then plug it into the outlet.} Then I dug around in a few boxes to find my pencils, not one was sharpened so I was very thankful I picked the X-ACTO Spira sharpener up. It wasn’t super loud like electric ones I had growing up and it got the pencil nice and to a point in no time.

X-ACTO SpiraSince we just got here and have little unpacked my office is in the breakfast nook & the computer is set up in the corner of a room. As you can see it isn’t very user friendly…

Old officeWith my new office/craft room being a blank canvas I took out a few items for inspiration and I went to town “doodling” some ideas for the space. After a couple sketches that didn’t seem to work I finally came up with the perfect idea for the main wall/area…

SketchCome this weekend I hope to have at least this area all set up so I can move everything from my scattered office into it’s own space.

Be sure to keep a look out next week for an updated post of the new office space.

If you’re looking to find out more about X-ACTO be sure to check them out on Facebook & Twitter.

Disclosure: This #XACTO shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias. However all opinions are that of my own.
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Upcycled Canvas Makeover

upcycled canvas makeoverI mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was redecorating my little sisters bedroom. Well she had two painting that my mom had picked up from IKEA for pretty cheap and she absolutely loved them. I had no idea she liked them so much until after the room was painted she was asking where her paintings were. Since they didn’t match her new room we put them in the “garage sale” pile to sell. However after some brainstorming I decided that I’d repaint them to match her new room. I’d keep the basic design that she loved so much, just give it more of an updated look to go with her new tween bedroom.

paintingI broke out some acrylic paints & brushes that we already had and went to work. I pulled some colors out of her new bedspread and started covering up all the pink/red flowers with new purple ones and adding in some green tones and even a touch of aqua over that mustard base.

upcycled canvasAfter they were all dry we hung them back up on the wall and she was very happy. With only a little bit of time we were able to up-cycle the old canvas into new pieces of art at no extra expense. Have you ever upcycled an old canvas into a new piece of art?

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Advent Calendar Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to make a cute advent calendar for awhile and this year I decided would be the time. However cute stocking on a string draping across a fireplace or staircase just wasn’t possible for me. You see we don’t have a staircase or fireplace here in AZ so that cute idea had to go out the window. So after lots of pondering I decided to make a dessert stand to hold our little stocking stuffer items to open each day.


3 Plates (each slight smaller then the other)
2 Candle stick holders
Green Spray Glossy Paint
E6000 Glue
Stocking Stuffer Items (I picked up all mine at Kmart)
Wrapping Paper Supplies

Here’s out to make the holder…

1. Spray paint the 3 plates and 2 candle holders, let dry completely

2. Use E6000 to adhere the plates to candle stick holders, each candle stick holder between a plate.

After your stand is finished wrap your gifts and attach numbered cards to each gift. Then display them on your stand and place it on a dinner table or hallway stand.

Click here to see my shopping trip at Kmart for supplies.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insight study for Collective Bias. However all opinion and creativeness are mine.
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