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Kid’s Artwork Book

What do you do with kid’s artwork from school & growing up? If you’re like my mom you keep it all in a big folder until your child is old enough to decide what to do with it. {haha} After … READ MORE >>>

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Top Upcycled Pallet Projects

One of the top upcycled project trends going on lately involves wood pallets. They are very versatile with what you can do with them, so they can work for indoor and outdoor projects.  Many times you can get them for free which makes them … READ MORE >>>

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DIY Rolling Compost Bin

We’ve been composting for years however we were using the throw it all in a pile in the garden method. Which after recently reading and researching I found out your compost will actually decompose faster if it is mixed around.{rather … READ MORE >>>

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Glitter Converse Shoes Makeover

With how fast kiddos grow, sometimes shoes are still in good shape by the time they out grow them. Which is exactly the case when Mr.N out grew his Converse shoes. I told Miss.A she could have them but her … READ MORE >>>

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DIY Recycled Crayons

Does your household end up with a bunch of old crayons year after year that just end up in a bin unused? Well we sure do! I remember as a child at church we used to have circle crayons that … READ MORE >>>

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