Christmas Card Holder Tutorial

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Hey there Lillian McKay readers!  I am super excited to share my Christmas Card Holder with you but first, let me introduce myself… My name is Nichole and I am the voice behind Yeung Mother Hubbard.  My blog started as a way for me to showcase my quilts, but has evolved into a bundle of, well, everything.  You can find posts about my life, my addiction to nail polish, crafts and the occasional recipe or tutorial.  I hope you will stop by sometime and say hello.

Christmas is approaching fast… and I love getting Christmas cards in the mail, but I hate not knowing what to do with them once they have been opened. I usually try to display them in a cute messy bunch in the living room… but they usually turn into a pile of cards once the dogs walk by.  I love the idea of a wreath display, but they are just not “me”. So I took my love for wooden signs, I came up with this.
I am in. love!  I can’t wait for Christmas cards to start rolling in because this year I know what I am going to do with them!
Are you in need of a cute Christmas Card Holder too?  It is your lucky day, I am showing you how to create your very own!
You will need:
  • a board (I used a pre-cut from Lowes, mine is 6 x 24 poplar)
  • paints (I used some left over paint in cream, green, and red)
  • paint brushes
  • stencil (I used my Cameo to design and cut my vinyl stencil)
  • mini clothes pins
  • 2-3 yards of ribbon
  • a staple gun
I used my cream paint and painted the front and sides the board, I wanted it to be a little antique looking so once I covered the board I wiped off the excess with a dry paper towel.
When the paint was dry I lined up my vinyl and painted the board green.
I painted lightly over the vinyl letters and waited about 5 minutes and then carefully peeled the decals up.  Be careful, the paint is still wet.
This is what my board looked like once the decals are removed.
Once everything is dry I used another vinyl decal (opposite of the first)… this time we are painting in the stencil like a normal stencil.  I made a mistake here and tried to paint red directly on the board… but it was too transparent and you could see where the green and cream underneath.  So I ended up painting the cream here and once everything was covered I painted it red again.  Once the paint was just about dry, I carefully peeled back the vinyl.
You should get something like this when the paint is all dry.
Determine where you want your ribbon and how long you want them.  I made mine approximately 20″, but if you receive a lot of cards, you may want to make your ribbon longer.  To attach the ribbon I used a staple gun.  I stapled the ribbon to the back so that it was folded over to support the weight of the cards.  For the top ribbon, I angled the staple so that the ribbon would lay correctly when it was hanging.
Here is a picture of the back of my board.  This is how your ribbon should look.
I painted my mini clothes pins green and cream.  I diluted the paint with a little bit of water to match the antique look of the sign.
You could leave them plain… or give them a little love.  
I wish each of you a very merry Holiday season!  Thank you so much for having me over today Samantha!   


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