Upcycled Canvas Makeover

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upcycled canvas makeoverI mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was redecorating my little sisters bedroom. Well she had two painting that my mom had picked up from IKEA for pretty cheap and she absolutely loved them. I had no idea she liked them so much until after the room was painted she was asking where her paintings were. Since they didn’t match her new room we put them in the “garage sale” pile to sell. However after some brainstorming I decided that I’d repaint them to match her new room. I’d keep the basic design that she loved so much, just give it more of an updated look to go with her new tween bedroom.

paintingI broke out some acrylic paints & brushes that we already had and went to work. I pulled some colors out of her new bedspread and started covering up all the pink/red flowers with new purple ones and adding in some green tones and even a touch of aqua over that mustard base.

upcycled canvasAfter they were all dry we hung them back up on the wall and she was very happy. With only a little bit of time we were able to up-cycle the old canvas into new pieces of art at no extra expense. Have you ever upcycled an old canvas into a new piece of art?

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3 Responses to Upcycled Canvas Makeover

  1. How cool is that! And it looks really great! I have not yet attempted anything that brave yet but I love to see what others can do with some imagination and talent! Thanks for sharing! It’s great to find you through Triber Blogger Village!

  2. This is a great idea!! I never thought about re-doing artwork!!

  3. Kristy says:

    Love this idea!