Spooky Swirl Halloween Cookies Recipe

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One thing I love about Fall is all the fun Holiday baking and decorating you get to do. It gives me an excuse to get creative in the kitchen while indulging on all my favorite desserts (except that means more treadmill time). It’s always fun to put a new twist on an old recipe like sugar cookies. I saw this Christmas cookie on Pinterest and thought I’d put a little Halloween twist on them. They ended up tasting amazing and perfect for this spooky time of year. Here is how I made them…
First I made up some sugar cookie dough from a Betty Crocker cookie mix (saves on time, which I am all about).

Then I divided the batch of dough into two separate bowls to make one bowl of dough be orange and the other black using food color. (Making black takes awhile, just keep adding yellow, red, blue and green to the mix, it will end up black shortly after it turns purple.)

After you have your ideal colors, roll the dough separately (I sprinkled orange and black sugar on each) before placing one on top of the other like pictured above. Then tightly roll your dough into a cylinder shape to create the swirl effect.
Wrap in plastic wrap then place in refrigerator for about 2 hours, I would turn every 20 minutes so that one side doesn’t become flat (like mine).

Next unwrap your dough and sprinkle fun Halloween sprinkles onto all sides of the dough.

Now you are ready to cut your slides of dough, I cut mine into ¼ inch thick slices.

Place your slices of dough on a cookie sheet and cook as your recipe directs.

Tada now you have some fun Spooky Swirl Halloween cookies! Enjoy!

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